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Solar Tracking Systems

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Solar Tracking Systems

Solar Energy

Dual Axis Tracking Systems track the sun from east to west using electronic sensors and motor or actuator drives. It utilizes GPS location to always know exactly where in the sky to track. At night it returns to the morning sunrise position, ready to start tracking when the sun rises again. Tracking can increase a PV array’s power production from 40 to 80 percent depending on the season and location. They are also cost-effective for net-metered utility grid-tie systems that can produce large amounts of electricity in the summer, to be used as credit toward a high winter power bill. These trackers automatically track the sun’s path by rotating the PV array around the pipe, providing greater stability for larger arrays. The corners do not protrude down towards the ground or stick up in the air to catch the wind. The bottom edge of the array always remains parallel to the ground and requires less ground clearance than tilt & roll tracker’. Azimuth trackers provide nearly 270 degrees of rotational movement and can adjust from 5 to 75 degrees of elevation tilt.

9.8 KW Solar World System

Maple Valley

4.7 KW Silicon Energy System


6.48 KW Solar World System