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WSES Now Offers QuietCool Whole House Fans

Whole house fans have long been a desirable addition to many homes, especially in regions like the Pacific Northwest where air conditioning is overkill much of the year. They’re a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to keep homes cool and electric bills low. Unfortunately, they’ve got the reputation of sounding like an airplane is landing in your living room.

QuietCool fans, however, are turning that notion on its head. They are whisper-quiet, ultra-efficient, and made in the USA, and West Seattle Electric & Solar is very excited to be your local QuietCool Authorized Dealer and Installer.

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QuiteCool Fans

What does QuietCool do?

Nobody likes a stuffy home. And let’s face it: an oscillating fan just doesn’t do the trick. QuietCool whole house fans can quickly, efficiently, and quietly cool large living spaces that a standard fan just can’t touch.

When the outside temperature dips below the inside temperature, it’s time to switch on the QuietCool. Then, just crack open a couple windows to start the cooling process. Within moments the fan begins to create a breeze, the home will feel noticeably cooler, and the air will become noticeably fresher.

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QuietCool Fans

How does QuietCool work?

Vent occupied rooms first. In the early evenings this tends to be areas like the kitchen and living room– locations that people are gathering. Throughout the evening, as the outside temperature drops, open additional windows in other rooms. At bedtime, close windows in unoccupied rooms so that the fan’s breeze is more focused to occupied areas. If you have a fan installed in each bedroom as the brand recommends, bedroom doors can even be closed for privacy while occupants still benefit from a breeze.
The system pulls cool outside air into the home through the open windows and across the living space, cooling the home down room by room.

It then pulls this air up into the attic and out through the vents, replacing the hot, stale air. Over the course of the night, this can lower the house’s temperature by up to 30° and sometimes even more. Through this process, the mass of the house itself is actually lowered, too, which allows the house and attic to stay cooler throughout the following day.

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Why should I choose QuietCool

QuietCool doesn’t just lower ambient temperatures faster than an air conditioner can. Because it does so by cycling in fresh air from outside, it also cycles out stale air. QuietCool does all this without the high costs that it takes to run an air conditioner. Yet another benefit of the QuietCool fan is that its process cools the mass of the house as well. That means that internal temperatures rise at a much slower rate.
Cycling the QuietCool fan at night can nearly eliminate the need to run an air conditioner at all! That translates to a drastically reduced monthly electrical bill, specifically in relation to air conditioning-related costs.

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QuietCool Fans

Which QuietCool is right for me?

There are QuietCool models appropriate for all types of living spaces, from tiny house to sprawling manor. Operate your fan with a timer or even an app-enabled RF switch.

Oftentimes, all it takes to determine the best model and size for your home is the square footage and ceiling heights of the home and attic, and a few photos of the attic and breaker panel. On the rare occasion that a site visit is deemed necessary for pricing information, West Seattle Electric & Solar walkthroughs and bids are always complimentary.

For further information on installing a QuietCool fan, call 206.573.4205 or email our office.