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Seattle Home Show Ends 2/26!

seattle home garden show

This is the last weekend for the Seattle Home Show! We have had a lot of fun talking with people about their upcoming projects, answering questions, educating potential clients about the costs and benefits of going Solar and finding out what is really important when making the decision to invest in a solar system.

The main question on everyone’s mind is a simple one: the current political climate and how it is affecting the current incentives for solar. The answer is not as simple. All we really know is this – the laws that are in place on the federal level (the 30% tax credit) will continue to stay that way. We don’t anticipate that changing between now and when they run out in 2019. Our state incentive, the production payment program, is up for debate right now in the House and hopefully will move to the Senate for a vote. They should have a decision when the current legislative session is over in April. But again, what is in place will continue through the end of the program in 2020.

If you would like to help support HB 1048, you can click here to leave a comment for the House and urge them to move the bill to the Senate.

For now, we are going to continue to do what we do best; offer the highest quality solar systems with the best customer service around. Come talk to us and find out for yourself. The show goes through Sunday at 6pm, we hope to see you!