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Solar World Convention

Keith’s thoughts:

The Solar World 2015 Installers Summit was 3 days of classes, information sessions, hands on training, and a lot of good food and fun. The highlight for me was hearing again, and seeing, Solar World’s total commitment to Quality across their entire product line. As a Veteran Owned company, top quality American Made products are very important to WSNE. Being able to offer our customers the very best products from the longest standing American manufacturer – and at a competitive price – is what will keep our company growing into the future.

solar world convention

Ryan’s thoughts:

One of the most difficult things in any service and technology industry I have found is the best equipment for our clients. With everyone saying that they are as good as everyone else or better It can Be pretty tough to get down to the truth. The proof, as they say, is in the pictures. I was entertained as I watched a break dance troop perform on top of SolarWorld modules, I was delighted when they shot two dozen 1” ice balls at 327 miles per hour without so much as scratching the module, but I was amazed when they drove a FORD F250 Crew Cab over and parked on top of SolarWorld modules. The greatest thing that I learned at the SolarWorld Installers Summit 2015: that despite some company’s desire to recommend inferior products at a higher cost to make sales easier, I still stand behind the quality, longevity, and integrity that SolarWorld brings to the plate.